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Photos and stories on VMO-6 and other Marine, Navy, and Army units (and people) who served in Vietnam. If inclined, many hours could be spent on clicking on pictures and reading the details. It is quite comprehensive.

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UH-34D (rear) and CH -37C USMC 1964. On August 18, 1969, the last Marine UH-34D in Vietnam was retired from HMM-362 at Phu Bai. During that ...

NVA on our flightline! The airport---that was once our air station is now closed. There is nothing there that you would recognize other than that was once part of the runway. Looks like what could be construed as an industrial park


Chuck Lea was also a squadron pilot VMO-5--HML-267 67-68 transitioning into OV-10's at Camp Pendleton. Finished his USMC career flying phantoms

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