Regarding memorials to our squadron mates that we lost, I wanted to pass this along to our VMO-6 brothers.

I don't know if you remember me....maybe better if you don't but I was one of the O-1 Birddog pilots and flew as a Fingerprint and then Seaworthy FAC. I've wanted to do something in remembrance of my fellow Birddog guys we lost while I was there in '68-'69. I decided what better way to remember them than to acquire a Birddog and put VMO-6 markings on her along with the names of the four great guys who were shot down and KIA while flying the Birddog during the time I was there. So I now have a Birddog, same model as we were flying. This aircraft will be a flying tribute and memorial to Jim Reese, Rich Latimer Jr, Norm Billipp and Bob Hagan along with Bob Stamper who passed away a few months ago. Jim, Bob Stamper and I went thru flight school together and were really close friends. We were flying A4's when we volunteered to join VMO-6 and fly the Birddog. Bob Hagan flew with me on my last Birddog flight. Wonderful guys one and all. Stamper and I were really close friends and we got together often here in Atlanta. I was overseas in China when he unexpectedly passed away. Attached are photos with the markings.

Semper Fi

Jim Lawrence

Jim Lawrence - O-1 Birddog

1stLt James Robert Reese, Pilot; 1stLt Richard Eli Latimer, Jr, AO, KIA  2 Dec 1968:

Capt. Norm Billipp, Pilot, Maj. John Robert Hagan, AO, KIA  6 May 1969: