From Stuart Beeney, Damon Hatcher and the UK VMO-6 contingent honoring at the 2021 squadron reunion. 
Say hello to your UK VMO-6 crew. These guys all have "real" jobs. What they've done with an old 204 Huey for VMO-6 is amazing. 
The project is believed to be the only one in the world dedicated to the Men, The Squaron and the machines of VMO-6 

They research, study and bring the history of VMO-6 alive for future generations.
These guys all have "real" jobs and have paid for everything themselves. What they've done with an old 204 Huey for the VMO-6 project is amazing. 
In order as they are introduced in the photos below:  Damon Hatcher, Sean Vacher, Pete Seal, Martin Luscombe, Stuart Beeney, Micheal Whiteley, Richard "Tricky" Dowdell and Paul Turner.
Most definitely a labor of love.  Thanks to all UK VMO-6 crew. 

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Posted 11:30 6 Nov 21